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  1. Beherit was formed in Rovaniemi, Finland, in , by Holocausto (vocals/guitar), Daemon Fornication (bass) and Sodomatic Slaughter (drums). ("Beherit" is the Syriac name for Satan.) In they released two demo tapes, Seventh Blasphemy and Demonomancy, as well as the Morbid Rehearsals cassette. They also gained a reputation for having an extreme live show, replete with severed pigs' .
  2. Grave Desecration 7. Beelzebub 8. Blood Of The Creator 9. The Sadist Negazione - The Early Days Wild Bunch () On The Board. Diabolus Metal. Vulture (Brazil) - Demo Ensaio Hymns to the Moon. Darkstorm - The Oath of Fire album '17 Beherit - Drawing Down The Moon ().
  3. Beherit - Black Arts: Beherit - Down There Beherit - Grave Desecration: Beherit - Hail Sathanas: Beherit - Sadomatic Rites: Beherit - The Gate Of Nanna: Beherit - We Worship: Becoming The Archetype - Artificial Immortality/The Beast: Becoming The Archetype - Autopsy: Becoming The Archetype - Breathing Light: Becoming The Archetype - Cardiac.
  4. CD Name: CD Interpret: CD Länge: Lieder: Enshrined Blasphemer: Abazagorath: 5: Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt: Abhorer: 9: Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae.
  5. Grave Desecration/Vengeance Witchcraft At the Devil's Church Werewolf, Semen and Blood Satanas (Sarcófago cover) Total playing time Ghost of Death - The early days of BEHERIT | CD-R | Fatal LIMITED TO COPIES.
  6. All of us in our lives have been young at one point in time and with that being said have had to find our way through outside influences. The same holds true with Beherit. As mentioned before the Seventh Blasphemy is an obvious tribute to early Sarcofago. The guitars sound like they came off of the Christs Death .

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