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  1. Jan 29,  · Uschi Obermaier Experience. Illustratorin Vera Brüggemann „Reduziert“, so bezeichnet die Künstlerin und Illustratorin ihren eigenen Stil.
  2. Feb 24,  · Arguments concerning the translatability of Finnegans Wake have long turned on the question of whether there exists a "standard" from which the text should be approached. Fritz Senn, the ever-pragmatic denizen of all matters Joycean and translational, suggests that we not adopt Joyce's professed preference for "sound" over "sense"—or any other rule—too dogmatically, instead applying .
  3. A pursue Up Of The First Part In That petite Motel Far Out In The Middle Of Nowhere, Where Room Service Is greater quantity Than A Breakfast On sofa. at Ice Gay Tube.

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